Description of the procedure and treatment:

Lipomas are very common. They are soft, movable tumours of variable size, covered with intact skin. The may be painful.

Location: Mostly on the trunk and limbs. Spindle cell lipomas usually occur on the neck and back.

Treatment: Surgical excision of these lesions is simple and straightforward; tumours can sometimes be squeezed out through a small incision. Forehead lipomas are located under the epicranial aponeurosis, which needs to be transacted.


It occurs quite frequently. There are two types of lipomatosis – painful adiposis dolorosa (Dercum’s disease) and benign symmetric lipomatosis. Dercum's disease is characterized by clearly demarcated, relatively hard subcutaneous tumours, often painful and tender, whereas in benign symmetric lipomatosis the areas of pathological adipose tissue accumulation are vaguely demarcated from healthy tissue.

Location: Lesions are located on the neck, the submandibular region, the upper area of back, shoulders and arms, the abdomen, the armpits, groins and thighs. A figure becomes distorted by taking, for example, a pseudoathletic appearance.

Treatment: Treatment options include lipectomy and liposuction. Significant distortions necessitate figure-shaping operations, involving the excision of the skin and underlying tissue (dermolipectomia), optionally with accompanying liposuction.

Postoperative recommendations:

The incision site should be washed with gentle washing and disinfecting agents and protected against inflammation.

The period of incapacity for work:

The procedure usually does not require absence from work.

Important information:

Procedure duration: 30-60 minutes
Type of anaesthesia: local
Required tests and preparation: none
Contraindications: purulent infections or inflammations of the skin