Description of the procedure and treatment:

Rhinophyma – rosacea of the nose (rhinophyma, acne rosacea nasi) is manifested by nodular hypertrophy of the nose, resulting in major disfigurement and sometimes even breathing difficulties. A significant improvement may be achieved by means of a simple procedure under local anaesthesia. It includes mechanical removal of excess tissue and thermal ablation of the underlying layer with a laser. Complete renewal of the epidermis usually takes 3-4 weeks. The treatment is carried out until a normal shape and functioning of the nose is restored.

Postoperative recommendations:

During the healing period the area of the nose should be washed with water and liquid soap, dried up with paper towels, treated with antibiotic or antiseptic ointment and covered with gauze dressings.

The period of incapacity for work:

The procedure does not require absence from work.

Important information:

Procedure duration: 60-90 minutes
Type of anaesthesia: local
Required tests and preparation: none
Time of stay in the clinic: not required
Contraindications: blood coagulation disorders, facial skin infections