Description of the procedure and treatment:

Suction of fatty tissue (liposuction) is a surgical method allowing for shaping of the subcutaneous fatty tissue with only a small skin scares left. This method is particularly useful in modelling of hips, thighs, buttocks, abdomen and more rarely arms or chin. This operation is performed under local, suprameningeal or general anaesthetic, depending on its extent. The fatty tissue is impregnated with great amount of a special solution that makes the more extensive modelling easier to perform and minimalize the blood loss (so-called wet, oedema method. Then the special cannulas connected to the sucking device are introduced through the cuts of skin of 3-4 mm length. In course of one operation up to 3 litres of semi liquid fatty tissue may be sucked this way. The exudates absorbing dressings are used for a couple of days following the operation. It is very important to wear the compressing clothes and take massages for a month after the surgery. The suction results in permanent reduction of significant number of fat cells. The areas that were treated that way will return to previous deformities with more difficulty even if the overall body mass increases. However it does not mean that repeated putting on weight is impossible, so after the operation a patient should obey the diet recommendations and live in a healthy way. The following complications after the operation may happen: infection, haematomas, prolonged serous exudates, fat embolism. These complications are rare, though, and their correction or treatment results in positive final result.


The full recovery of patient and return to work is possible after approximately 7 days since the operation.