Description of the procedure and treatment:

The plastic surgery of the abdominal integuments is performed to eliminate the excessive flabby skin and subcutaneous tissue resulting from the pregnancies, significant weight loss or the ageing processes. The operation is performed under the local or suprameningeal anaesthetic. The surgery results in increased tension and flattening of the integuments however the side effect is a one line scar of hypogastrium or a round scar around the navel. After the operation a patient should expect the feeling of abdominal integuments over tension that may be noxious for a first few days and will maintain with less intensity for further few weeks. The dressings should be worn for about 2 weeks. The drains are removed between 2nd and 7th day following the operation and the sutures after seven days since operation. After the surgery the special massages of abdomen, particularly postoperative scars are made, also with a use of special softeners. The patient is advised to wear compressive clothes for 2 months after the surgery. The possible complications are: infections, prolonged serous exudates, retarded postoperative wound healing and unsightly look of the hypogastrium scar that may require further correction.


The average period of leave at work is 10 days.