Breast reduction / breast lift

Description of the procedure and treatment:

Too large breasts can, especially at women with the gentle constitution lead to strong pains of the spine and shoulders because of excessive load of the spine.The breasts deformity can take a place as the result of hormonal changes connected with pregnancy and breast- feeding. The operations of diminution or/and elevation of breasts resulting in achievement of desired size and shape of the breast are performed under general an anaesthetic. During the operation the excessive skin, subcutaneous tissue and gland and the new shape of breast is modelled with appropriate suturing of remained tissue. It may be necessary to perform wide cuts and in consequence to leave relatively long post operational scars. The edges of the skin are connected with a delicate sutures. The drains are removed in the 48-96 hours after the operation, and the sutures are removed gradually after the 7th day following the surgery. The dressing is necessary for 10 days and for a month a patient should wear day and night the tight bra. After healing of the wounds the patient should massage her breasts, particularly the skin scars with special preparations. The possible complications of this surgery might be: haematomas, infection, impaired wound healing, cosmetically unfavourable scars, which may require further correction.


The return to work is usually possible about 10th day after the operation.