Breast augmentation

Description of the procedure and treatment:

The contemporary method of breasts augmentation consists in implantation of internal breast implants. The operation is performed under general anaesthetic. The implant is introduced through the cutaneous cut of 2-5 cm length located in the fold under the breast, under the armpit or at the border of areola of the mammaand the surrounding skin. The implant is placed in the site, in a front or under a greater pectoral muscle. The capsule of prosthesis ,smooth or rough, is made of artificial materials and their centre is fulfilled with physiological saline, hydrogel, or with silicone. Drains are usually removed on the second the fourth day and the sutures are removed on the tenth- the fourteenth day after. The dressings are usually kept about 10- 14 days. Then it is advised to wear a well fitted bra , for about a month. During the first three months the independent, intensive massage of breasts as well as using the special, specimen, softening scars,( ointments, creams) are advised. The breast -feeding is possible after this operation. There are possible complications after this operation like hematoma, infection and production , around the prosthesis, connecting tissue, internal scar which in the case of excessive development can cause the hardening of breasts. Such situation hardly ever happens, however it forces to start treatment , including also operation.


Return to work is usually possible after 7 days since operation.