Otoplasty (operation of protruding ears)

Description of the procedure and treatment:

The ears usually protrude due to the excessive flattening of auricle cartilage. As the growth of the auricle is completed about 5h year of human life then the operation may be performed on the child that hasn't attended a grammar school yet. The operation is usually performed under local anaesthetic also with an assistance of anaesthesiologist (so called sedation). The cut of skin is located in the back surface of auricle. The overbent cartilage is rasped abraded or weekened by multiple cuts ( partially removed) and its remaining part properly modelled and located in proper position. He skin is closed with thin absorbable sutures that do not require further removal. The post operational dressings are required for 5 days after the operation. For few weeks after the operation the ears should be protected from compression and freezing and in the night the compression band should be worn to protect from accidental injuries during the sleep. In rare cases the scar behind the ear may be overgrown and in some cases the absolute symmetry is hard to achieve so these problems may require an repeated operation.


The return to work or school is usually possible after a week.