Description of the procedure and treatment:

The relaxation of eyelids is most of all the result of retrogressive changes in collagen and elastic skin fibres. The aim of an operation is to remove the upper eyelids folding, the lower eyelids bags and minor wrinkles around the eyes. The operation is usually performed under local anaesthetic also with an assistance of anaesthesiologist (so called sedation). The skin cuts are run within the natural folds parallel to the eyelids edges. The excessive skin is removed and sometimes fragments of perispheral fat as well. The wound is closed with delicate sutures. The minor filtration of blood and the oedema is present after the operation. For a few days the wet, cold boric acid compresses are required. In first three days following the operation the eyelids may exhibit defective closure and the lower eyelid and external eye angle may not fully adhere the eye ball. These symptoms usually regress in few days. The sutures are removed in 4th-7th day after operation. The possible complications are: overgrow of the scars demanding repeated operation.


The return to work is usually possible after a week.