Description of the procedure and treatment:

The lapse of time results in degenerative changes within collagen and elastic fibres of skin, which lead to flaccidity of face skin. The aim of operation is the resection of the skin excess and shallowing of wrinkles and folds, especially in lower part of face and on the neck However, the primary elasticity isn't possible to restore with the operation. This procedure is made under local anaesthetic often adjunct with general intravenous anaesthetic. The typical skin incision runs in hairy skin of head , in temporal area, then goes down in a front of ear concha, surrounds its lower pole and then runs at the back of ear concha ending in the hairy skin of head- behind the ear. The skin of face and neck is separated from deeper tissues and next stretched back-upward and the excess of skin is removed. In some cases, the facial mimic muscles surface is also prepared and stretched (SMAS).The skin margins are sutured precisely. Drains are removed on 2nd- 7th day ,the sutures are usually taken off in a few stages: since 5th-14th day after operation. The dressings are used for about 7- 10 days. The swelling, little blood efflux, dysesthesia in the close neighbourhood of scars and on cheeks can occur immediately after operation. The final effect of operation should be estimated not earlier than 3 months after operation. The occurrence of haematoma is rare postoperative complication, but it sometimes forces to the renewed operation.


The absence at work usually lasts about 7 days.