Lower limbs varices

Description of the procedure and treatment:

The pathologic venectasia of lower limbs as well these ones of bigger diameter (varices) as these smallest ones (netting varices) are of frequent occurrence, usually in middle-aged women. It is usually connected with the genetically determined asthenia of venous vessel walls. The contemporary used pharmalogical treatment is successful in many cases. However, in advanced phase of disease where unprofitable complications can occur, it is advised to make the radical, invasive procedure(operation, obliteration). The precise resection of small diameter veins is possible owing to introduction of the miniature surgical instruments. The smallest changes like netting varices are the domain of obliteration treatment (injections into vessels which result in occlusion of a vessel). These operations are made under general anaesthetic, either epidural or local one according to the planned extent of them. The possible complications include: haetoma, infection, skin defect, not esthetical skin scars. These complications can not only prolong treatment , but also can demand renewed operation.


The return to work is usually possible: in the case of big varices resection, after about 10 days since the operation, in the case of the obliteration of little veins there is no need to take a day off.