Peeling (chemical exfoliation of skin)

Description of the procedure and treatment:

Peeling it is the supervised chemical exfoliation of skin as the result of activity of some substances of biological or chemical origin. You can distinct following types of peeling: superficial ones (made mainly in cosmetic rooms); peelings at medium depth and deep(they must be made by doctors). The most used preparations consist the trichloroacetic acid, rezolcinol, salicylic acid, phenol, alphahydroxyacids (fruit acids) Asiatic peeling, as well different, ready , made in factories , preparations. The deep peelings create the result of smoothing, strenghtening of facial skin, remove the little wrinkles and discolouration. Their profitable effects depend, among other things, on uniformity and thickening of subepidermal, colagen layer in the proper skin and reduction of the number of pigment cells in epidermis. Peeling is also the perfect supplement to the plastic operation of face and lids, it can also help with the removal of little wrinkles around lips, lids or on forehead, these wrinkles that are hard to correct by strictly surgical methods. The peelings of the whole face and local operations around the lips, around the eyes and between the eyebrows and the root of nose are made. In the case of the deep peelings, the operations are made under general anaesthetic or sedation. The strong burning sensation should be expected on the first day after the operation, then inconvenience because of the excaudate, the formation and the exfoliation of superficial crusts. After about seven days there follows the separation and visualisation of the regenerated skin, which in the beginning is very dried and sensitive to little abrasions and insulation. Then the skin should be washed carefully with gentle washing, moisturising agents (moisturising creams). The reddening can last a few weeks, in exceptional cases it can prolong even up to a few months. For at least a half of year the insulation should be avoided and you should use the UV protective preparations.


The average leave absence after the deep exfoliation of facial skin is about 10 days, after the peeling at the medium depth it is 5-7 days of absence.