Description of the procedure and treatment:

Dermabrasion in other words the mechanical abrasion of epidermis is used in the case of the post acne, post burn scars, superficial melanodermas and tattoos as well little wrinkles in some parts of face. As far as the acne is concerned, the purulent changes should be cured before the procedure. The procedure of dermabrasion is made under local or general anaesthetic, according to foreseen extent or depth. The superficial skin layers (epidermis and superficial layer of proper skin) are removed with the special abrasive apparatus, remaining deeper layers which include sebaceous and sweat glands as well hair follicles. The laser CO2 is the modern instrument enabling the supervised abrasion of epidermis. The laser abrasions are usually made to shallow little wrinkles of facial skin. The protective dressings (folic or ointment) are put on the skin. The restoration of epidermis follows in 5 to 10 days. In the case of deep post acne scars, this procedure should be repeated after a few months. The scars become less visible after dermabrasion or laser abrasion, however the complete removal of them is impossible. The reddening of skin usually lasts 2-4 weeks, but in exceptional cases it can last up to a few months. You should avoid sunbathing at least for 3 months.


The return to work is usually possible in a week or 2weeks after this surgical procedure.