The correction of vessel spiders, spider angiomas, teleangiectasias

Description of the procedure and treatment:

The spider angiomas, vessel spiders and teleangienctasias which are the local accumulation of capillary vessels with the delated lumen and hypertrophied walls. They sometimes make the serious cosmetic problem, especially at their location on a face. The treatment of these changes consists in application of the electro coagulation either the vessel lasers (argon, pigment, KTP) or the special device emitting very strong light (photoderm). The surgical procedure consists in acupuncture of blood vessels through the skin with the little needle which is the end-part of the device producing high frequency currents. The thermal energy, released in this way, let closing the vessel lumen. These operations are usually made under local anaesthetic with EMLA cream.

Postoperative Recommendations:

Immediately after surgical procedure cured areas are greased with the curative antiseptic ointment. It is advised to wash the face with gentle washing agents and to grease with the antibiotic ointment, for a few days after the operation. Healing of changes follows in a few days. The created little ,spot scars, at first more distinct, with the lapse of time disappear. As far as larger areas of vessel changes are concerned, it is often necessary to operate in recurring several times with 2-4weeks of break.


The medical certificate of work disability is not usually necessary.