Obliteration (sclerotherapy) of pathologic blood vessels

In the past, obliteration of blood vessels (sclerosis, sclerotherapy) was performed with many irritating substances (e.g. ethanol) and preparations (e.g. varicocid). At present, there is one preparation approved for use in Poland- polidocanol (aetoxysclerol®). Usually, 1% to 3% solutionis used, depending on the diameter of a blood vessel.

A necessary component of sclerotherapy is subsequent application of pressure by compressiontights or stockings class 1 - 2. It should be noted that the treatment of telangiectasia ought to be just one of the constituents ofa comprehensive management of venous disorders. Whenlarge venous vessels are incompetent, dilated blood vessels may reappear in a short time, regardless of the properly performed obliteration. Usually, a one-time treatment will notresult in the complete closure of telangiectasia, but a few repeated injection treatments can provide a longer-lasting beneficial effect.